Light Up The Dark

by The Outside Track

"One major achievement of The Outside Track, aside from the obvious highly desirable qualities of their individual and combined musicianship, is that every song they choose to perform really suits the band’s corporate identity as well as the personalities of the singers who elect to perform them. Their commitment is to create new music using the musics of their native lands (Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton) as cornerstones. In which endeavour they undoubtedly succeed, for Light Up The Dark is another supremely strong release, a significantly well-balanced collection featuring tune-sets and songs in roughly equal proportion (five to six) and with unquestionably equal success. There really is no dull moment amongst this generously-stocked (56-minute) selection."                                                                                                                - David Kidman, Folk Radio UK.


Fiona Black – accordion, vocals
Cillian Ó Dálaigh – guitar, vocals
Mairi Rankin – fiddle, vocals
Teresa Horgan – lead vocals, flute, whistles
Ailie Robertson – harp, vocals

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